About Us

Fundació Tr@ms is a non profit institution registered as an educative based organization. It proposes a collaborative project amongst schools which have in common innovation as a central element of identity.

There have been excellent results implementing innovative procedures in the classroom thanks to the efforts of the union of the different schools.

The Foundation collaborates with educational institutions, universities and technology companies in order to achieve innovation in its whole extension.

Currently Fundació Tr@ms includes a learning community over 2.000 teachers and 18.000 students. The schools are located in Catalonia, Spain.

Centre Escolar Empordà Jaume ViladomsI.E. Sant JordiFundació LlorESCOLA GOAREscola SolcCentre d'Estudis MontsenyBEMEN-3 Centre de Formació Professional Escola SadakoEscola GuinardóEscola ProaEscola MarinadaEscola El PilarCol·legi Sant Miquel dels SantsEscola Rocaprevera Escola Sant GervasiL'escola PaidosAula Balear Grup Escoles MataróEscola VirolaiCentre d'Estudis PratEscola Nou PatufetEscola MonalcoEscola Ginebró INSTITUCIÓ CULTURAL DEL CIC